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« Au delà des portes de sa ferme, Fabienne m’a ouvert son quotidien »

Je me suis rendue chez Fabienne pendant 10 jours, me muant en apprentie éleveuse. Des seaux d’orge d’une main, des bobines de clôture dans l’autre et, surtout, le récit de sa vie dans mes carnets.

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Why WWOOFing Is NOT Work in Exchange for Meals and Board

Contrary to popular belief, WWOOFing is not volunteer labor for accommodation and a holiday. A WWOOFer should have a genuine interest in « agroecology » or ecological farming practices to learn about the host’s work and to share in their lifestyle. Likewise, hosts must express a sincere desire to share their expertise in organic farming. Accommodation merely becomes a means for an educational approach in teaching and learning about a more sustainable way of life.