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American WWOOFer Quits Her Nine-to-Five and Gets Back to Nature in Southern France

In her blog Curated Adventure, Texas native Adelle writes about some appetizing topics: travel, food, wine, and self-discovery. It’s during her stay at WWOOF farm Grand La Grange de Bouys in the South of France where she decompresses from her former work life and gets her hands dirty all while finding some « peace of mind ».

« I quit my job to go work on a vineyard in the South of France. Sounds glamorous right? Sunshine, fresh air, wine – literally the stuff dreams are made of. Well, it was all that and more. WWOOFing at La Grange de Bouys (GDB) was a dream, for me »…read more.

A tasty snippet from Adelle’s blog: making farm inspired dishes with her hosts.

Be sure to check out the farm La Grange de BOUYS and host’s profile here.

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